What We Offer

Every child deserves access to education

We provide education for students aged between 5 and 18 years that attend morning and afternoon classes. Additionally, we also offer evening classes for older students and for those in rural areas who wish to improve their skills.

We provide study and writing materials, library books, computer access, clean drinking water, and recently built kitchen and canteen that serve wholesome meals when we are able. Located in the Siem Reap province, in the tourist area of Angkor Wat, the skills our students learn not only deepen their heritage awareness but also provide increased pathways to better earning potentials and pronounced reductions in poverty.

Former students are now enjoying careers they once only dreamed of, such as in the army, retail stores, the hospitality industry, and as teachers. Some have also attended or are currently attending university and are bringing home salaries far above their parents’ and providing extra means for food, medical and other expenses. They also serve as great examples to the younger children in their communities.

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